Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Garden Update

I haven't been very attentive to my blog lately, I have been busy in my garden finally. It is nice to be back working in the garden again. I also have been busy transplanting my tomato seedlings into there own cups. I think I over did it with how many seeds I planted this year. Oh well, I guess I will have some to share with my gardening friends. So far the things planted down at my garden are Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, Spinach and Onion sets. I plan on sowing my carrots, lettuce, kale, pac choi and beets this week. As far as transplanting I will be adding broccoli, cabbage and Chinese cabbage to the garden this week. On Saturday I planted some Pansies in my flower bed outside my fence to add some more color. Yesterday I went down to check on things and half of them were pulled out of the ground and chewed up. I was so angry! Lesson learned, no Pansies next year outside my fence. If anyone has been wondering, I am taking a break from "Tomato Tuesday" for now until this seasons varieties start producing. Here are some pictures of my seedlings.

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage & Chinese Cabbage

Arcadia Broccoli

Bilko & Soloist Chinese Cabbage




More Tomatoes

Ground Cherries
Thanks for stopping by and checking out what is going on in my garden. Happy Gardening!


  1. Looking good! My son and I got a lot done at the plots this weekend. The garden is pretty much cleaned up. I planted the onions, snow peas and snap peas at the plots. I also planted garden peas, spinach, lettuce, snap peas and greens at the home garden last week. This weekend the potatoes will go in and the last couple of beds will be cleaned up and turned over.

    I think our seedlings are about the same size. Happy spring.....except for that little chance of some snow tonight!

    1. It feels good to back in the garden again. I am glad you got your plots cleaned up and ready to go. So you turn your soil instead of tilling? I am running out of room for all my seedlings in the house. I will be busy at my garden this weekend also. Happy Easter & Spring :)

    2. Yes, I'm a no till gal!