Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lettuce, Lettuce & More Lettuce

It always seems this time of year I am up to my neck in lettuce.  Since we have been having all this rain, the lettuce is growing fast.  Every time I go to my garden there is lettuce to harvest.  I wish the tomatoes and cucumbers were ready in my garden as well, then I could make a salad!  This year I am growing Red Iceberg, Four Seasons Bibb Lettuce, Parris Island Romaine and Leaf Lettuce Blend.  This is my first time growing leaf lettuce.  I am growing it in a whiskey barrel planter.  I am enjoying harvesting the leaves and then watching it grow back!  Here are pictures of my lettuce.  What kind of lettuce are you growing in your garden? Happy Gardening!

Leaf Lettuce Blend

Parris Island Romaine

Red Iceberg

Four Seasons Bibb


  1. Your lettuce look great. I just planted Butter Crunch this week-end. I have a ladder in the garden, so I planted it underneath. Hoping I'll have a harvest along with my cukes & tomatoes.

    1. Thanks! I planted lettuce under my bean teepee last year and it grew nicely.

  2. Your lettuce looks wonderful! I usually have way too much lettuce. This year my husband is on a salad kick and I can't keep up!

  3. Thanks Robin! I love to eat my home grown lettuce over store bought, but I just wish my other veggies were ready to go with it. Do you ever grow lettuce during the summer?