Monday, July 15, 2013

Harvest Monday 7/15/13

I am very excited about this weeks Harvest Monday, because I was able to harvest my first TOMATOES!!!  Of all my crops in my garden, my tomatoes are my most favorite.  The first tomatoes I harvested were from my Bloody Butcher plant.  This plant was also the first to develop tomatoes in my garden and second was my German Pink which is still green.

Along with harvesting my first tomatoes, I also harvested my first peppers.  The two types I harvested are Flamingo and Purple Beauty, both are sweet bell peppers.
I also harvested some of my onions and all my Elephant Garlic.  I planted yellow, red and white onion sets this year.  They are a decent size, but wish they were larger.  I left some of the smaller ones in the ground to see if they get bigger.

I have been harvesting zucchini and cucumbers almost every other day.  They are doing really well so far.  The cucumber beetles are doing a number on my cucumber plants, but hopefully they are strong enough to keep producing for me.  I have been spraying Neem Oil on some of my plants to fight against bugs and fungus.
Besides harvesting vegetables, I also harvested some herbs.  I harvested Curly Parsley, Flat Leaf Parsley and Garden Sweet Basil.  I finally tried using my Mom's very old dehydrator and it worked really well.

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Happy Gardening!


  1. A beautiful harvest. I'm jealous of the tomatoes. We are still several weeks away from our first tomatoes.

  2. Thank you! I am jealous of the gardeners in my zone who have larger size tomatoes turning already. All good things come to those who wait LOL!

  3. Everything looks great Tricia! I can't believe your sweet peppers are that big already! Keep up the great gardening!!!

  4. Beautiful! Those tomatoes look totally seedless! Pretty cool! Love the color of your peppers. Lots of good stuff coming up for you!

  5. Thanks Shawn Ann! I can't complain about my harvests so far this year, except my disappointing broccoli and lettuce.

  6. Nice harvest! Your tomatoes are very ripe and I see the cucumber are the same size as zucchini. My tomatoes are smaller and not all ripen.