Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tomato Tuesday

This weeks Tomato Tuesday spotlight is on "Virginia Sweets". What a beauty this tomato is! I purchased this tomato plant from a local nursery in the hopes that I would like it and then save seeds from it. Well I love it and I also saved seeds from it.  Virginia Sweets is a bicolored beefsteak heirloom from Virginia. The plant produces good yields of 1 lb golden yellow beefsteak tomatoes with red stripes that turn into a ruby blush on top. The tomato has a sweet rich tomato flavor. One of the best tasting and best producing gold-red bicolor tomatoes. Excellent for salads and sandwiches. This tomato variety is indeterminate and matures in 80 days from transplant.  My plant was slow going at first, but the last two weeks it has really been producing nice tomatoes. It reminds me of Mr. Stripey tomato, which I grew last year. They are fairly blemish free, except for some cracking at the stem end.  I have noticed that the longer I let them ripen they get more red coloring.

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