Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tomato Tuesday- Brad's Black Heart

This weeks Tomato Tuesday spotlight is on a yummy dark variety called Brad's Black Heart. This variety is the first known black heart-shaped tomato, found by Brad Gates of CA (Wild Boar Farms) in a patch of several thousand Black Krim plants at a farm close by. The plants grow in a compact indeterminate habit with droopy wispy leaves.  Most heart-shaped tomato varieties have plants with wispy droopy leaves, they are not sickly or lacking nutrients. The tomatoes are dark, dense and meaty. They average around 12oz. and are mostly flattened hearts with some being pointy and others with a blunt point. They have the classic flavor of dark tomatoes, which are my favorite! My plant was very productive and continued to produce even when the plant was mostly taken over by disease. I will be growing this one again for sure! If you are interested in giving Brad's Black Heart a try in your garden there are many vendors that sell the seeds.

Thanks for taking a look at my Tomato Tuesday post!
Stop by next week to see which tomato variety I will be spotlighting from my 2014 garden.


  1. That's funny you should mention the droopy, wispy leaves on some varieties. For the longest time I thought that the Speckled Roman I grew last year had issues but then eventually realized that those droopy, wispy leaves were just how it was.

    1. Margaret, for those that are not aware of droopy leaves they will think that the plant is sick or lacking nutrients. I know I did! Most heart varieties are this way.