Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Tomato Progression

I thought I would do an update on my tomato seedlings.  They are growing nicely and so far no signs of "damping off".  The cinnamon is doing it's job!  My winter sown tomato seeds started sprouting on March 24th.  They are doing well, however some of them were harmed by the cold nights we had last week.  I guess I should have covered the bins with blankets or I could have brought them inside for the night.  Note to self for next year!   Here are some pictures of the progression of my tomato seedlings so far.  I will probably be potting them up hopefully next week into individual pots.


March 23

March 30

April 7


  1. Your tomatoes are progressing nicely. The winter sowing method hasn't produced much results for me. Lettuce, dill & a few sunflowers have sprouted. My seeds sown indoors are doing well.

  2. Hi, your tomatoes are very healthy!
    Have a nice week!