Monday, March 18, 2013

So Many Tomatoes So Little Space

I am so excited I planted my tomato seeds this weekend!  With so many choices to pick from this year it made it very hard to decide on what varieties to grow.  I wish I had acres so I could grow them all, but I don't so I had to pick and choose.  Since I haven't been gardening long, there are so many tomato varieties I am still learning about.   This year I learned about and have received many new tomato varieties from Trudi that I now have 80 varieties!  I narrowed it down to 40 varieties to try this year, most of them being heirlooms.  I can't wait to try them all!  I am going to try saving seeds this year to hopefully start trading with other gardeners.  I wanted to share the varieties I will be growing this year, so here it goes...

Cherry Tomatoes:                                          Large Tomatoes:  
Green Grape                                                  Anna Russian
Chocolate Cherry                                           Moonglow
Blondkopfchen                                               Mr. Stripey
Red Pear                                                         Virginia Sweets
Maglia Rosa                                                    Coure di Bue
                                                                        Russian Rose
Small Tomatoes:                                             Marianna's Conflict
Bloody Butcher                                               Momotaro (Tough Boy)
Blush                                                               Lemon Boy
Black Zebra                                                     Emerald Evergreen
Wapsipinicon Peach                                        Marglobe
Indigo Rose                                                      Mr. Brown
Jaune Flamme                                                  Mrs. Maxwell Big Italian
Elberta Peach                                                   German Pepper Tomato
Tigerella                                                            Slava
Black Prince                                                                         Dr. Wyche's Yellow
Plum/Paste:                                                       Kellogg's Breakfast
Amish Paste                                                      White Beauty
Black Trifele                                                     Purple Passion
Black Emperor                                                  Orange Russian
Speckled Roman                                                Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye      
                                                                           Box Car Willie
                                                                           Beauty King
                                                                           Eva's Purple Ball
                                                                           German Pink


  1. Hi, Sara!
    Thank you for following my blog!
    I liked your too and will often read it. I grow some tomato seedlings now for next summer.

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  3. I see you have a few of my favorites, Paul Robeson & Boxcar Willie & a few that I would like to try, Chocolate Cherry & Mr. Stripey. I would be interested in exchanging seeds with you. I have a post up seeking bloggers who want to exchange.

    1. I would love to trade seeds with you. This will be my first official year I am saving seeds from my tomatoes, I only saved a few last year. The Mr. Stripey seeds I am growing this year are from a plant I grew last year. I am hoping they will come true and if so I plan on saving the seeds.