Monday, August 12, 2013

Harvest Monday 8/12/13

I have been harvesting a lot of tomatoes, however I am sad to say that I had to pull out some of my plants on Sunday because of disease.  It is so frustrating to see your plants look beautiful one week and a week later they are falling apart literally.  I am realizing that this is one of the down falls to having a community garden.  Everything spreads like wild fire, bugs and diseases.  My tomato plants at home have minimal damage luckily. 

Chocolate Cherry and Green Grape tomatoes

Some of my varieties I am growing (from top to bottom)
Spudakee, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye, Mystery Striped tomato, Lemon Boy, Black Prince,
Coure di Bue, Red Lightning, Black Emperor, Indigo Rose, Bloody Butcher
 and Wapsipinicon Peach. If you are interested, I started spotlighting a different tomato variety
I am growing this year every Tuesday on my blog. Last week I spotlighted "Orange Russian 117".

Listada and Lavender Touch eggplant

Zephyr Squash

A very large Red Roaster pepper!
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  1. Sorry to hear about the tomato disease. I also have the same problem with wilt that took half of my tomatoes. The rest of your harvest looks really great! Thank you for putting names on the varieties.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Tomatoes are my favorite crop in my garden and it is very upsetting to lose them to disease. I always appreciate when other gardeners label pictures with variety names, so I try to do the same.

  2. We lost a few tomatoes to disease this summer, was very sad. I do love that Zephyr squash you're is very cool looking!

    1. Thanks Bee Girl! I love the name! Unfortunately disease and pests spread freely when you have a community garden. My plots suffer every year because other gardeners do not practice good clean up habits and prevention. I enjoy growing the Zephyr squash, it is nice to grow something besides the standard green squash.