Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tomato Tuesday

I thought today I would spotlight the different cherry tomatoes I am growing this year in my garden.  I like to have a variety of cherry tomatoes growing in my garden every year, they are a nice little snack while I am working in my garden.  The varieties I am growing this year are Chocolate Cherry, Green Grape, Blondkopfchen, Maglia Rosa, Red Pear and Blush.  I was disappointed with Red Pear and Blush, because almost all the tomatoes split.  The Red Pear also was the first tomato plant to show signs of disease this year and I had to pull it out early.  My favorites out of the six are Maglia Rosa, Chocolate Cherry and Blondkopfchen.  I am planning on trying the heirloom version of Chocolate Cherry next year, which is Black Cherry.

Chocolate Cherry
These cherry tomatoes have both skin and flesh which are brick red.  They are productive, indeterminate plants that produce trusses of 1 inch round tomatoes.  The tomatoes mature within 70 days from transplant. You can harvest them fully ripe or pick earlier and allow them to finish indoors.  I found harvesting them earlier was better, because they tended to split easily.  Everyone that tried them fell in love with the flavor.  I am going to try growing the heirloom version next year called Black Cherry and see how they compare.


Green Grape

This cherry tomato is the result from the crossing of Yellow Pear with Evergreen. They are yellowish green fruit that are formed in clusters of 6-12 large cherry tomatoes. This is an early producing variety which matures within 60 days on indeterminate plants. They have a sweet, mild flavor.

Blondkopfchen in German means "little blonde girl". These cherry tomatoes are yellow 1/2 inch grape-sized tomatoes formed in clusters of 20-30. The vines are large and sprawling. They are sweet with a slight tart flavor. They mature within 80 days.

Maglia Rosa

This cherry tomato produces truly unique, mottled pink, long, egg-shaped fruits with bright, lightly sweet acidic flavor. Harvest just as the fruit turns light pink for optimum flavor. The small plants are perfect for growing in containers. This variety matures in 70 days. Maglia Rosa is my new favorite cherry tomato. I will definitely be growing this variety next year. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about the different cherry tomatoes I am growing this year. Check back next Tuesday for an all new Tomato Tuesday post.  I am very excited because I will be attending Snyder Farms Annual Tomato Tasting tomorrow.  They will have over 60 tomato varieties to taste! I will be writing a post all about my experience along with pictures.


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