Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tomato Tuesday

Dr. Wyche's Yellow

I have to apologize that my post is late this week, I had a stomach bug. This weeks spotlight is on "Dr. Wyche's Yellow" tomato.  This heirloom was introduced to Seed Savers Exchange by the late Dr. John Wyche, who at one time owned the Cole Brothers Circus and used the manure of elephants to fertilize his heritage gardens. The plants produce slightly flattened, smooth, blemish-free, golden-yellow fruit with a meaty interior and few seeds. It has a very nice flavor and is suppose to be very productive for a larger tomato.  I did not experience high productivity with my plant last year, but I also did not have the best growing season last year. I will try this variety again in the future. This year I am going to give Aunt Gertie's Gold and Azoychka a try, they are both golden-yellow tomatoes that are suppose to have great flavor. Give Dr. Wyche's Yellow a try in your garden, it has very good reviews from many gardeners. My seed source was from Trudi at

Thanks for checking out my Tomato Tuesday post. Stop by next week to see which variety I will be spotlighting from my garden. 


  1. have seed but didn't make this years grow list. Perhaps next year. But I do seem to favor yellow varieties. Will def be a fun year for growing tomatoes.

    1. It is definitely going to be a fun year in the garden!