Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tomato Tuesday

Marianna's Conflict
This weeks spotlight is on Marianna's Conflict tomato. Marianna's Conflict is similar to Marianna's Peace, except it has regular leaves and is red. Marianna's Peace is a potato leaf pink tomato. The fruit is also smaller, 6-13oz. This tomato variety appeared as a regular leaf plant grown from the original Mischka's Marianna's Peace seed stock grown in Martin Longseth's garden in 2004. According to Martin Longseth, about 20% of the original seed gave regular leaf seedlings. I grew this variety for the first time last year and was pleasantly surprised. I grew it in a 5 gallon bucket next to my 6 foot fence and it grew up and over my fence and hung down the other side.  I was harvesting tomatoes from this plant until our first frost in October. My plant produced many tomatoes over the summer and they had a very good tomato taste. They made great tomato sandwiches! I will grow this variety again in the future.
The yellow bucket is Marianna's Conflict.

Thanks for checking out my Tomato Tuesday post. Stop by next week to see which variety I will be spotlighting from my garden.

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