Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tomato Tuesday

Black Emperor

Black Emperor is a red-black colored plum tomato. I don't have much information about this variety because there is little known about it.  They are indeterminate plants that bear 4-5 oz. plum tomatoes. The plants are very productive.  They have a great flavor and are slightly juicy for a paste tomato. I had great production in the beginning of the season with some pretty large plums, but as the season progressed they got smaller and tended to split. I will definitely try this variety again in the future because there are not many dark plum tomato varieties. My seed source for Black Emperor was Trade Winds Fruit. This year I will be trying another dark plum tomato called Darth Mater, which is a cross of Prue x Black From Tula. I will give info on this variety in the future.

Thanks for checking out my Tomato Tuesday post. Stop by next week to see which variety I will be spotlighting from my garden.

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