Sunday, March 16, 2014

Busy Little Seedlings

I may not be busy in my garden, but all my seedlings are keeping me busy inside. Yesterday I spent most of the day pampering all my seedlings. I gave my peppers and cauliflower seedlings new homes in their own pots. I also gave the broccoli and cabbage seedlings some sun and fresh air. They are starting to show their first true leaves. My eggplants and ground cherries are growing nicely, but they are not ready to be transplanted into their own pots yet. I gave some of the seedlings a drink of Neptune's Fish & Seaweed fertilizer. This combination is suppose to help with root growth and health of the plants. Have you ever used fish & seaweed fertilizer on your seedlings? What do you use to fertilize your seedlings? I also sowed my tomato seeds yesterday, I sowed 72 different varieties. Many of these varieties are new to me this year. I will have many Tomato Tuesday posts in the future with all these new varieties I am growing.

Broccoli, Cabbage & Chinese Cabbage 

Sweet and Hot Peppers

Good luck with all your seedlings and happy sowing!


  1. Those seedlings look great!

    1. Thanks Jay! I am running out of room for all of them lol.