Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I took advantage of the beautiful 61 degree weather today and went down to my garden plots to do some spring cleaning. I trimmed back my butterfly bush, raked my strawberry patch and planted some green and yellow snow peas. I noticed my spring bulbs are popping up all around my garden. My strawberry patch doesn't look too healthy, I think I lost a lot of plants over the winter. I am going to wait it out to see if they perk up and start growing new leaves, if not I will clear the patch and turn it into another growing bed. My indoor seedlings are growing nicely. I put my cold crop seedlings outside today to get some sun and fresh air. The tomato seeds I sowed last Saturday are all starting to germinate, I am still waiting on a couple varieties to germinate. Tomorrow I plan on planting some onion sets down at my garden and doing some more clean up.
A very bare garden, for now.

Front view of garden plot

Dwarf Tomato seedlings

Grow light shelf view of Dwarf Tomatoes & Peppers
in the background.

Ground Cherry seedlings on the left and Eggplant on the right.

Broccoli & Cabbage seedlings starting to get first true leaves.

Tomato seedlings (72 varieties)

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