Saturday, January 10, 2015

Snowy Garden

I took a drive down to my community garden plots today. It was so quiet and peaceful. My plots are pretty much snow covered, but it didn't stop me from walking around. I was visualizing where I will be planting everything this year. While I was there I filled my bird feeders. The whole time I was filling them a sparrow was sitting on a fence post watching me. There were a few animal tracks in the snow. I could indentify that a rabbit or rabbits have been visiting my garden and eating the leftover fall crops I did not pull out. I will have to secure my fence better come spring. It will be spring before I know it!

Sparrow watching me fill the bird feeders
Snow covered garlic bed


  1. I can see how lovely your walk would have been. There's something about a snowy landscape that just makes you want to slow down and take it in.

    I just put up a new feeder in our backyard that is easily seen from the kitchen window & I decided to keep the feeder up over the winter. Sometimes there are upwards of 10 birds milling around on the ground, in the bushes beside the feeder and on the feeder itself. We are loving it - wish I had done this years ago!

    1. I love watching the birds in my yard and garden!