Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tomato Tuesday- Cherokee Lime

This week I am spotlighting a green tomato, often referred to as Green When Ripe. Yes there are tomato varieties that are supposed to stay green! When I first heard about them I was hesitant to try them thinking they would be very tart. I was totally wrong!!!! They are delicious with a sweet and tangy flavor. I'm sure most of you have heard of Cherokee Purple, this variety is from the same line. Over the years Cherokee Purple has produced other varieties due to mutations, bee crosses or intentional crosses. Here are all the varieties that originated from Cherokee Purple.
Cherokee Purple >> Cherokee Chocolate >> Cherokee Green >> Golden Cherokee >> Cherokee Lemon >> Cherokee Lime

Here is the history behind Cherokee Lime (History and Information was taken from Michigan Heirlooms)
Beautiful Green-When-Ripe (GWR) beefsteak tomatoes that are tangy and noticeably sweet (as GWR's are noted for) with the most beautiful rose-colored swirl in the center that extends out to the blossom end of the fruit. Fruits average just under a pound.
HISTORY: Bill Jeffers wrote: I ordered Golden Cherokee from an SSE member via the SSE Yearbook several years ago (IL LO N). I grew 3 plants. One was true Golden Cherokee (deep yellow flesh with red streaks and yellow epidermis), one was what I call Cherokee Lemon (pure yellow w/clear epidermis), and the third plant was yellow flesh with a red blush on blossom end and clear epidermis. I regrew seeds from the pure yellow/clear epidermis off-type and got what we now call Cherokee Lime (pure green-when-ripe with clear epidermis).

If you haven't tried a Green When Ripe tomato variety yet, I highly recommend them. There are many GWR varieties available that I have tried and recommend, such as Aunt Ruby's German Green, Kiwi, and Green Grape.
Thanks for taking a look at my Tomato Tuesday post!
Stop by next week to see which tomato variety I will be spotlighting from my 2014 garden.

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